Finalists at Voice Launch
Join us Oct 27-28 to vote and select winners.
Ask Doss
A digital real estate marketplace with a voice-activated intelligent assistant that's like having a REAL ESTATE AGENT in your pocket (smartphone)!
Ask Uma
We have created UMA a privacy first digital assistant for enterprise. UMA uses conversational AI (Voice and Bot) on mobile applications and within business chat services, providing human-centered user experiences to improve productivity. created a LIVE PODCASTING platform that will drastically improve communications for creators and consumers over the next several years. Our ambition is to have half the world (4B+ people) using our software within the decade.
Bola AI
Bola is a AI–Voice Assistant company that develops solutions to reduce documentation burdens on dental and medical providers.
A tool to help conversational designers in prototyping the voice experiences.
The world’s first hub for conversational components and creators of AnnA an all domain voice bot whose purpose is to provide companionship to the elderly (or anyone else that feels lonely).
EarReality is into interactive storytelling. Our vision is to enable writers, publishers, gaming studios and companies to tell their stories interactively by Voice. Thus we've been developing our interactive storytelling tool TWIST.
Go Vivace
We are into voice technology, voice biometrics, call analytics, sentiment analysis, live transcription and translation, conversational AI - VIVI a voice enabled virtual assistant.
Libbie is a chatbot designed to offer users emotional support using the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short. The goal is to provide intuitive, real-time feedback that directly addresses the emotional issue at hand, based on response.
Piffle is a collection of voice games based on the choose your own adventure style gameplay. It takes you through a series of relatable everyday experiences with a comedic flavor.
PRATGLAD is the first voice control system for Trådfri Home Automation that works without the need for an Internet connection. Voice recognition runs entirely on the device – nothing is transmitted or recorded.
The First Smart Parking for personal mobility vehicles.
RedFox AI
BlueFox Box is a new type of e-commerce company where you can order the groceries that you need when you need them using Alexa or Google Assistant.
Rumble Studio
The first end to end platform to plan record edit and distribute audio content for marketing, and in a fraction of the time that's currently possible.
Say It Now
Voice donations for charities driven by targeted audio advertising.
Smart Voice Studio
We are designing world's first Mobile based voice app development application.
SpeechCloud Studios
Immersive interactive audio adventures on Alexa.
StoryQube is the Netflix for voice devices. We make and curate best interactive experiences for kids.
Tukuoro Voice Open Platform and its unique approach for voice technology implementation, within the scope of user privacy and data ownership.
Vocalytics ia a machine learning platform helping enterprises listen to their customers in the physical world and derive value from voice & sound.
Voice Spark
Alexa to bridge the gap between cities and their residents.
Voice Launch