The next batch of game changers in voice

Every once in a while we get to meet special people doing special things. This is what happened this year at Voice Launch. 20 voice tech start-ups competed at the event, pitching their start-up in 3 minutes or less to win audience votes. Out of this competition emerged 6 talented voice start-ups that will be the game changers of the future. Humbled by these wonderful start-ups :)

Here they are:
Vocalytics ia a machine learning platform helping enterprises listen to their customers in the physical world and derive value from voice & sound.
CoCoHub - The world’s first hub for conversational components and creators of AnnA an all domain voice bot whose purpose is to provide companionship to the elderly (or anyone else that feels lonely).
Piffle is a collection of voice games based on the choose your own adventure style gameplay. It takes you through a series of relatable everyday experiences with a comedic flavor.
Ask Doss is Voice-Activated Intelligent Personal Assistant built into a proprietary real estate marketplace to radically evolve the way people search and transact real estate. It’s like having a Real Estate Agent in your pocket (smartphone).
Rumble Studio is a SaaS that lets anyone record and publish audio as quickly as a blog post. Rumble Studio is the first ever product to record guest interviews using conversational A.I.
EarReality provides TWIST, a no-code SaaS platform. This fully functional Voice Game Engine empowers a user to create and publish interactive stories for Voice, Web, App or as an ebook. Easy to use and fast to deploy. Next step: opening TWIST as a public platform for writers to distribute and customers to get access to those stories.

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